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Rayleigh flow properties

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Rayleigh flow properties diagram
The differential equations of Rayleigh flow can be solved to find relations of interest and how they change with Mach number. This calc gives these ratios for any input Mach number and gamma value, but does not judge whether the input and output is sensible.
Mach number:
γ (gamma):

p/p* :
ρ/ρ* :
T/T* :
V/V* :
p0/p0* :
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Rayleigh flow is used to calculate compressible or incompressible flow characteristics through constant area ducts with the consideration of friction. Since all the inputs and outputs are ratios, they are all dimensionless.
The heat capacity ratio (γ) of dry air at 20 C is 1.4. Other gasses range between around and 1.68 (Kr) and 1.13 (propane), and decrease with temperature.