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Slipping of surfaces

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Slipping of surfaces diagram
This calc simply determines if objects A and B are able to slide past each other. If the product of the clamping force and the coefficient of friction is greater than the applied slipping force, then friction prevents sliding between the surfaces (and the net slipping force is zero).
Clamping force:
Applied slipping force:
Coefficient of friction (μ):

Net slipping force:
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Fill in the forces clamping two objects together and shearing them sideways, and give the coefficient of friction between them. In the orange box, the calc will determine if there is any net slipping force that will overcome friction and cause the objects to slide past each other.
Representative coefficients of friction include: wood-on-wood (~0.3); acrylic-on-acrylic (~0.8); steel-on-steel (~0.6); teflon-on-teflon (~0.04).