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Factorizing of integers

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Factorizing of integers diagram
The prime factors of a number are prime numbers by which the number is divisible. They are found here by testing division by increasingly large numbers.
If all the numbers in the output boxes are multiplied together, then the result will be the input number.
Number x =

Smallest factor =
Factor =
Factor =
Factor =
Factor =
Factor =
Factor =
Largest factor =
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The calc finds prime factors in increasing size. Blank output boxes mean that the input number is completely factorized. If all 8 output boxes contain factors then it is possible that the factor in the final box can be divided further (you can test this by using the final factor as an input).
The lowest number that can not be fully factorized with 8 prime factors is 512. Remember that only integers (whole numbers) are suitable as input.