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Focused spot size

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Focused spot size diagram
Light can not be focused to a perfect point because of diffractive effects. This calc uses mathematical ratios to calcaulate the minimum (diffraction-limited) spot possible from homogeneous (giving an Airy pattern) and Gaussian beam shapes. Accurate to 2 significant figures.

Airy disk diameter
Gaussian waist size
Gaussian FWHM
Rayleigh length
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Enter either the f-number in air (f/#) or the numerical aperture (NA) of the lens, along with the light wavelength of interest. The calculation will find the airy disk size (assuing a homogeneous beam) or the Gaussian waist (1/e²) or FWHM diameter. The Gaussian calculation assumes an untruncated beam with the NA applying to the (1/e²) diameter. For a truncated beam at the same width, multiply by 1.12. The Rayleigh length is calculated in air.