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Object on a slope

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Object on a slope diagram
The acceleration of an object down a slope due to gravity and under friction is calculated by resolving the forces parallel and normal to the slope. If the component of the gravitational force down the slope is greater than the maximum frictional force, then it will slide.
Mass M:
Incline α:
Coefficient of friction (μ):

Normal force F:
Maximum frictional force:
Acceleration down slope:
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Note that the acceleration down the slope is equal for any mass under the same conditions. If the acelleration down the slope is 0, then it means that the force due to gravity down the slope is not sufficient to overcome friction.
Representative coefficients of friction include: wood-on-wood (~0.3); acrylic-on-acrylic (~0.8); steel-on-steel (~0.6); teflon-on-teflon (~0.04).