About us

The Purpose

We solve your physics problems so that you can enjoy the solution.

Physics explains so many different aspects of the world around us, ranging from simple questions to complex problems. Why do things fall when we drop them? How come ice cubes float in fresh water? How much power does a rocket need to go into space? To find the answers, all it takes is to measure the data you need and inject it into the right formula. But more often than not, it’s not clear what data is needed, yet alone what the formula is. CalcTool is here to solve those issues for you. We tell you exactly what numbers you need and once you provide them, we apply the correct equation and give you the answer without the need to push any buttons.

The Story

One place to solve all physics problems.

CalcTool was set up as the answer to all the little yet annoying calculations that come up far too often. After getting frustrated with manual calculators, looking for conversion factors and formulae, a multitude of scattered Excel files turned into the very first version of the website. The project was started by two brothers living halfway around the globe from each other, one responsible for the content, one for the programming. In 2022, the website was bought by Mateusz Mucha who, together with his team, transformed it into what you’re looking at right now. We’ve updated the design, as well as added tons of new content.

The Team

A group of enthusiasts happy to share their expertise.

We’re a small yet highly motivated team that share a passion for science. We have among ourselves physics specialists, often connected with academia, all eager to use their knowledge to simplify your lives and any calculations that come along the way. While the CEO is situated in Poland, the team is not restricted to that country. In fact, not even the continent since our members are also from India, Philippines, and Argentina.

Mateusz Mucha
Dominik Czernia
Kenneth Alambra
Davide Borchia
Krishna Nelaturu
Luciano Mino
Gabriela Diaz
Luis Hoyos
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