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Physics is what drives the world around us: it's the language that explains the most basic laws of nature. Why do things fall when we drop them? How come ice cubes float in fresh water? How much power does a rocket need to go into space? Behind each such question, there's numerical data and a formula that uses it.

At CalcTool, we aim to provide you with the answer without the need to remember the equations, no matter if you're checking your homework or satisfying your natural curiosity.

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The most popular calculators

Parallel resistor

When two (or more) resistances are in parellel, then the resitence provided by the two together is given by reciprocal addition, i.e. 1/(total resistence) = (1/resistance1) + (1/resistance2).


Use our wavelength calculator and find the wavelength, speed, or frequency of any light or sound wave.


Momentum can be thought of as the "strength of movement in a body". It is proportional to mass and velocity. This calc finds the unknown in the mass-velocity-momentum equation.

Potential energy

The potential energy calculator finds the gravitational potential energy of an object at a certain height.


The acceleration calculator is a tool dedicated to solving the value of acceleration using various methods.


Density is defined as mass per volume, and is most often expressed in g/cm³ (=g/mL).

Ideal gas law

Most gasses act very close to the prediction of the ideal gas law calculator which bases on the equation PV=nRT.


The work calculator finds this physical quantity using force and displacement or velocity change.

Specific heat

The temperature or energy change is calculated by a simple proportionality relationship with this specific heat calculator.
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