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Happy birthday on Mars: learn how to calculate your age on other planets with Calctool. We are only at the beginning of humanity's exploration of space, so for now, we can measure our age in the classic, old Earth years. But what next? Keep reading to learn:

  • How long is a year on other planets: the duration of a year in space;
  • How to calculate age on different planets: how old are you on Mars;
  • Some planetary facts; and
  • Exemplary examples.

What's an year?

The year is the longest unit of time that humanity can grasp on a day-to-day basis: the regular alternation of seasons and the cycle of the Sun and the stars helped, since the dawn of our civilization, to understand and "feel" time. The other unit rooted in astronomy is the day. The year corresponds to a revolution of our planet around the Sun: its duration of 365365 days (and something) made it perfect for measuring our age.

Have you ever wondered how long a year is on other planets or how old you are on Mars, Jupiter, and the rest? Our age on our planets calculator will answer your questions, but before this, stop to wonder: we measure our age in something as far as an orbit around a star.

How long is a year on other planets?

Planets rotate around the Sun with different periods; this quantity (or orbital period: you can learn how to calculate the period of revolution here) depends uniquely on the distance from the planet and the Sun: you can learn how with our Kepler's third law calculator.

Kepler's third law of planetary motion dictates that the closer a planet is to its star, the shorter its orbital period (and the shorter its orbital velocity: learn how to calculate it with our orbital velocity calculator.

A year on Earth lasts 365.25365.25 days (Earth days πŸ˜‰; let's look at the other wanderers:

  • A year on Mercury lasts 8888 days (0.240.24 years);
  • A year on Venus lasts 225225 days (0.640.64 years on Earth);
  • A year on Mars is 687687 days (1.881.88 Earth years);
  • A year on Jupiter is 4,3074,307 days (or 11.811.8 years on Earth);
  • A year on Saturn is 10,73110,731 days (29.429.4 Earth years);
  • A year on Uranus lasts 30,66030,660 days (8484 years); and
  • A year on Neptune is 59,86159,861 days (164164 Earth years);

How old am I on Mars? Age on other planets

An astronomical year is one thing; your age is another. Humans are used to Earthly years, and we set some important milestones for us at arbitrary times: think of the 18th birthday, the feeling of old age at 30, and the celebrations at various years of marriage. We count our lives and the crucial events in them in years. How would we calculate age on other planets?

Likely, we will keep counting our age in Earth years, but the future inhabitants of other planets will surely keep track of their time there using their relative years.

How do I calculate my age on other planets?

To calculate your age on other planets, you need to divide your age in Earth years by the duration of a year on the given planet:

ageplanet=ageEarthyearplanet\text{age}_{\text{planet}} = \frac{\text{age}_{\text{Earth}}}{\text{year}_{\text{planet}}}

What about your age in days? That is a tad more complicated since there is no rule to fix the duration of a day on a planet, too, for example, radius or mass. To say it all, weird things are going on when it comes to days in our Solar System: a day on Mercury is so long (and a year so short) that at one point, the two speeds, orbital and tangential (learn how to calculate it from the angular velocity) overlaps. From specific points on the planet, you can observe two sunrises. And what about venus, where the planet rotates in the wrong direction? And Uranus, whose axis is tilted by almost a right angle?

πŸ™‹ How do we reach those worlds war away? Learn it with our space travel calculator!

Davide Borchia
Learn how your age would vary if you calculated it on different planets of the solar system!πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ§“πŸ½
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