With our temperature conversion tool, you can switch between many different temperature units with minimum effort.

This temperature converter possesses eight different temperature scales that you can choose from. With our temperature calculator, you can convert:

  • Celsius to Fahrenheit;
  • Celsius to Kelvin;
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius;
  • Fahrenheit to Kelvin;
  • Kelvin to Celsius;
  • Kelvin to Fahrenheit; and
  • Other temperature scales besides the three main ones.

Temperature definition and scales

Simply put, the temperature measures the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a system. It indicates the flow of heat when two objects are in contact with each other (from higher to lower temperature), and we can use many scales to measure it.

The three main temperature scales and units are Kelvin (K), Celsius (°C), and Fahrenheit (°F):

  • Kelvin: this is an absolute temperature scale because it utilizes absolute zero (-273,15 °C) as its zero point. The unit used in this scale was redefined in 2019 using the Boltzmann constant, and now one kelvin equals the change in the thermodynamic temperature that results in a change in thermal energy of 1.380649 × 10⁻²³ J.
  • Celsius: created by Anders Celsius, this scale was originally designed by setting each "degree" to 1/100th of the difference in temperature between freezing (0 °C) and boiling water (100 °C). A one-degree temperature change in Celsius degrees equals a one-degree temperature change in kelvins.
  • Fahrenheit: when Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit created this scale, it used 30 °F and 90 °F for the freezing point of water and normal body temperature, respectively. Later, this was corrected to use 32 °F for the freezing point of water and 212 °F for its boiling point.

🙋 Our temperature conversion tool includes these three main scales plus some additional scales with many applications!

How to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit to Celsius

Let's see how the temperature conversion works before using our temperature converter.

We can make switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit easy with some formulas. To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit:

TF=TC×1.8+32T_{F} = T_{C} \times 1.8 + 32

and Fahrenheit to Celsius:

TC=TF321.8T_{C} = \frac{T_{F} - 32}{1.8}


  • TCT_{C} is the temperature in Celsius degrees; and
  • TFT_{F} is the temperature in Fahrenheit.

🙋 Do you want to know how a thermometer works? Check our thermal expansion calculator to learn about its working principle!

How to convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit and Celsius and vice-versa

We can easily convert between Kelvin and Celsius since the temperature difference is the same on both scales. They only differ in their zero temperature.

To convert Kelvin to Celsius, we should subtract 273.15 from the temperature in kelvins. To convert Celsius to Kelvin instead, we should add 273.15 to the temperature in Celsius.

The formula to convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit is:

TF=(TK273.15)×1.8+32{\small T_{F} = (T_{K} - 273.15) \times 1.8 +32}

and if we want to convert Fahrenheit to Kelvin:

TK=TF321.8+273.15T_{K} = \frac{T_{F} - 32}{1.8} + 273.15


  • TKT_{K} is the temperature in kelvins; and
  • TFT_{F} is the temperature in Fahrenheit.

🙋 Feel free to experiment with our temperature conversion tool to switch between units without remembering these formulas. Just input the temperature in any unit, and our temperature calculator will automatically fill in all the other units!

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