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Last updated: Sep 21, 2022

This magnetic permeability calculator (or simply permeability calculator) can obtain a material's permeability, relative permeability, and susceptibility from the relation between these parameters.

We paired this calculator with a short text describing:

  • Differences between diamagnetic, paramagnetic, and ferromagnetic materials;
  • The magnetic permeability formula;
  • The relative permeability formula; and
  • How to calculate magnetic permeability.

You can also use this tool as a magnetic susceptibility calculator! Keep reading to understand the relationship between the parameters used in this tool.

What is permeability?

Permeability, or magnetic permeability (not to be confused with a fluid's permeability), is a material's capacity to be affected by an applied magnetic field.

Its SI, International System of Units, unit is the henry per meter (H/m), and we refer to permeability by the letter μ\mu.

According to this value, we can classify materials into three categories in relation to the permeability of free space μ0\mu_{0}:

  • Paramagnetic. In the presence of an external magnetic field, these materials are magnetized and are attracted to the external magnetic field. μ>μ0\mu > \mu_{0}
  • Diamagnetic. Diamagnetic materials, in contrast, produce a magnetic field in opposition to the external magnetic field. Thus, they are repelled. μ<μ0\mu < \mu_{0}
  • Ferromagnetic. These materials can retain the magnetic field after the external magnetic field is removed and become permanent magnets. μ>>μ0\mu >> \mu_{0}

🙋 The Lorentz force describes the interaction between a particle and the electric and magnetic fields. Read more about this in our Lorentz force and electric field of a point charge calculators!

How to calculate magnetic permeability ― magnetic permeability formula

Permeability expresses the ratio between the magnetic flux density and magnetic field strength:

μ=BH\mu = \frac{B}{H}


  • BB is the magnetic flux density; and
  • HH is the magnetic field stregth.

We can also write permeability in terms of μ0\mu_{0}:

μr=μμ0\mu_r = \frac{\mu}{\mu_{0}}


  • μr\mu_{r} is called relative permeability;
  • μ0\mu_{0} is the permeability of free space; and
  • μ\mu is the material's permeability.

You can also input magnetic susceptibility χ\chi in this magnetic permeability calculator. Both expressions are related by:

χ=μr1\chi = \mu_{r} - 1

Give it a try! Experiment with this permeability calculator to ensure you understand the subject.

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