Our tile calculator can find the number of tiles and their cost for any tiling project you decide to work on.

After reading the following short article, you'll be able to:

  • Find how many tiles you need for your project;
  • Use our tool as a tile installation cost calculator; and
  • Find how many square feet or square meters you need for your project.

Calculating square feet with the tile calculator

Before you start thinking about the number of tiles you need for your project, you need to answer one thing first: How many square feet/square meters does my project need?.

To answer this, we need to find out the area of the surface that we will cover with tiles (AsA_{\text{s}}). It can be a bathroom wall, floor, or any other surface.

For that, we need two dimensions:

  • The surface width dimension WsW_{\text{s}}; and
  • The length dimension LsL_{\text{s}}.

Then, we multiply both dimensions to get the area:

As=Ws×LsA_{\text{s}} = W_{\text{s}} \times L_{\text{s}}

This is the area we will be covering with tiles. Let's find out how many tiles you need for it.

Using the tile calculator. How many tiles do I need?

Simply put, we need the total area of the tiles to match the floor/wall area.

How do we calculate the total area of the tiles? The same way we did with the surface area, except we add an extra parameter: the size of the gap between the tiles.

Of course, this gap can be zero, but if we want to include it, here's the formula:

At=(Wt+Gap)×(Lt+Gap)\small{A_{\text{t}} = (W_{\text{t}} + \text{Gap}) \times (L_{\text{t}} + \text{Gap})}


  • WtW_{\text{t}} is a single tile's width;
  • LtL_{\text{t}} is a single tile's length; and
  • AtA_{\text{t}} is the total each tile occupies (gap included).

Lastly, we divide the surface area by the individual tile's area and round it up to get the number of tiles:

N. of tiles=AsAt\text{N. of tiles} = \frac{A_{\text{s}}}{A_{\text{t}}}

🙋 No matter how careful you are, tiles are going to break. That's why you should add an extra 10% (or more) to the number of tiles you buy to account for this waste factor.

How to find the cost of the tile installation. Tile installation cost calculator

Now that we have figured out the number of tiles we require, we need to know how much it will cost. The result is also in this tile calculator square meters.

To do that, we need:

  • The cost of each tile box; and
  • The number of tiles within each box.

Then, we simply divide the number of tiles we need by the number of tiles inside each box and round up to the nearest integer.

The result is the number of boxes we'll need. Finally, we multiply this by the cost of each box to find how much we'll have to spend on this project!

If you want to take on a similar project, you can also check our brick calculator to find the number of bricks you need to build a wall.

✅ Our tile calculator square feet includes every step of the preparation for your project, including the tile installation cost calculator. What are you waiting for? You can begin planning your next tiling project right away!

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