For once, we can say this is not science but magic: our Harry Potter currency calculator will teach you how to count the coins in your purse during your visits to the world behind the platform 9¾. If you ever wondered how many sickles are in a galleon, or how many knuts are in a sickle, you are in the right place!

Here you will discover:

  • What is the currency in the Harry Potter world;
  • How to convert the Harry Potter currency;
  • Some examples, just to make things crystal clear.

If you're more interested rather in science than magic, check our NNT calculator to learn more about the number needed to treat measure.

The currency of the wizarding world: money of the Harry Potter universe

The universe of Harry Potter is filled with a certain nostalgic aura: from old-fashioned steam-powered trains to castles, old inns, and pompous-sounding surnames: the harry potter currency is no exception. Instead of using pounds, dollars, or euros, wizards and witches use different currency systems, all without names. We only know the names of the individual coins.

The currency in the wizarding counterpart of the British islands is divided into three coins:

  • The galleon, made of gold;
  • The sickle, a silver coin; and
  • The knut, made of bronze.

Other nations have different money in the Harry Potter world: however, the author of the saga didn't specify their values. We will focus only on the British ones.

How to convert Harry Potter currency

To calculate the Harry Potter currency that you may read in a book, see in a movie, or have in your pocket 😉, follow these simple rules:

  • In one galleon you can find 1717 sickles;
  • In one sickle there are 2929 knuts.

Knowing how many knuts are in a sickle, we can complete these conversions with the last one:

  • In one galleon there are 493493 knuts.

How to use our Harry Potter currency calculator?

As you can see from the conversions above, passing from any of the wizarding currencies to another can be a pretty boring mathematical exercise, far from our habitual divide by one hundred (so common in real-world currencies).

This is when magic comes in handy. If there's no magic, a calculator can help! Simply insert the value of any of the coins we discovered and learn the values in the other two. You can also input decimal values (even though splitting a galleon may not be a good idea!).

Why isn't there a "Harry Potter currency to pounds calculator"? Because the exchange rate has never been specified: we only know that a galleon roughly corresponds to 55 pounds sterling.

If you are looking for some more useful tools, head to our day of the week calculator which finds what day of the week it is based on the specified date.

Examples of wizarding currencies

A butterbeer at the Hog's Head Inn costs two sickles (pretty low in, our opinion). With a gallon, being it 1717 sickles, you can buy more than eight butterbeers!

A unicorn horn goes for 2121 galleons: it may not sound much! Input this value in our Harry Potter currency converter, and you'll see that it is 357357 sickles or 10,35310,353 knuts. Let's go even bigger: do you remember the scene in the first movie when Harry discovers his vault at Gringotts? A reddit user estimated that the wealth of the young wizard was in excess of 50,00050,000 galleons. Considering that one of the highest values seen in the universe is a reward for the capture of Sirius Black at 10,00010,000 galleons, we can safely assume that Harry is economically stable, at least for a while.

Not only wizards need to pass their exams in the Hogwart. If you need assistance with estimating the test grade, our exam calculator is a perfect tool for that purpose.

Davide Borchia
If you're planning a visit to Wizarding Britain 🧙 and need help figuring the magical currency out, this calculator is the exact tool that you need!

Input any of the three values to see how they convert into the other two wizarding coins.
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