Privacy Policy

This website does not collect information regarding your identity. We use only certain information about your interests and devices for personalized content and ads. Refer to the following list to see what exactly we collect from you.

Information we collect

  • email address (in hashed form);
  • IP address;
  • browse typer;
  • operating system; and
  • cookies (you can accept or refuse them at any time).

In particular, we don’t collect the data you input into our calculators.

What we do with cookies

We use cookies and localStorage to:

  • provide you with services available on our website and enable you to use some of its features;
  • provide a more personal experience and to avoid you having to re-enter your preferences every time you use our tools;
  • for A/B tests to check if users prefer specific designs;
  • share it with third-party advertising companies to let them serve advertising, content, and offers that may interest you (we cannot guarantee the safety and privacy of data provided to any third parties - contact them directly if you have any questions); and
  • use them in Google Analytics to provide us with statistics and other usage information about visitors to our site (the data is anonymized, so we can’t track it back to you).

This site also uses Common ID cookie and similar tracking technologies to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and to personalize the advertising content that you see. You can opt out of the Common ID cookie using this link.

Identity partners and service providers

We share the information we collect from you with identity partners and service providers, including LiveRamp Inc., which returns the identification code we store in our first-party cookie. We may also share it with advertising companies for more targeted ads. You can opt out of LiveRamp using this link.

If you’re visiting us from European Union, some pre-selected companies may use certain information on your device and about your interest to serve personalized content and ads. You can change your consent at any time using this link.

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