Poise-Stokes Converter

Created by Luis Fernando
Last updated: Jun 15, 2022
This Poise-Stokes converter converts between kinematic and dynamic (intrinsic) viscosity for a fluid of known density. In general, kinematic voscosity is dynamic viscosity divided by density.
Luis Fernando
ν = η/ρ
Density (ρ)
lb/cu ft
Dynamic viscosity (η)
Kinematic viscosity (ν)
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The equation states that the pressure loss ΔP=fLρV²/2D (where L and D are th pipe length and diameter, ρ is the fluid density, V is the average velocity through the pipe, and f is the Darcy friction factor). Head loss is also available through the unit menus.

Pipe flow

The gravitational flow form of the Hazen-Williams equation is calculated to provide water velocity and discharge rate that can be achieved through a pipe with provided proportions.
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