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Last updated: Nov 16, 2022

With this weight on other planets calculator, you can check your weight on different planets of the solar system. You can use it to calculate your weight on Mars, Jupiter, or any other planet near us and answer the question of what your weight is on other worlds.

🔎 Weight is not the only aspect that changes between planets. Use our age on other planets calculator and discover your age depending on the planet.

Your weight on other planets

Have you ever wondered about your weight on other worlds in our solar system? The answer all depends on the planet's mass and gravitational pull. For instance, on Mars, which has a smaller mass and weaker gravity than Earth, an individual weighing 150 pounds would only weigh about 57 pounds. Conversely, on Jupiter - the most massive planet in our solar system with a higher mass and stronger gravity - a 150-pound person would weigh about 351 pounds. All this relates to Newton's law of universal gravitation (F = GMm/R²), which you can learn more about in our gravitational force calculator.

How to calculate your weight on other planets

This calculator can determine your weight on different planets instantly. Even so, if you're interested in how much you would weigh on Mars or any other planet manually, follow the following steps:

  1. Determine the surface gravity of the planet in question, in units of "g" or Earth gravity. For example:
    • If the gravity acceleration of the planet is twice the Earth's gravity, we say the planet's gravity equals 2g; or
    • If the gravity of the planet is half the Earth's gravity, we say the planet's gravity equals 0.5g; or
  2. Multiply your weight on Earth by the planet's surface gravity. That's how you calculate your weight on planets other than Earth.

For example, to calculate how much would weigh on Mars a person weighting 150 lb in Earth, multiply this weight by the surface gravity of Mars (0.38 g):

Weight on Mars = 150 lb × 0.38 = 57 lb

For calculating the weight on Jupiter of that person, the process is the same, but using the gravity of that planet (2.34 g):

Weight on Jupiter = 150 lb × 2.34 = 351 lb

In the following table, you can look at the surface gravity of different planets so that you can calculate your weight on those planets:




0.38 g


0.91 g


0.38 g


2.34 g


1.06 g


0.92 g


1.19 g


0.06 g


0.167 g

And this is it. Hopefully, now you know everything about calculating your weight on Mars or any other planet.

🙋 As weight is a force, its units should be force units, such as Newtons or pounds-force, and not mass units, such as grams or pounds. Even so, mass is strongly related to weight, and it's an equivalent way to express it. Learn more about this difference in our weight converter

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