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Welcome to the density of a cylinder calculator! If you're wondering how do I find the density of a cylinder?, then you've come to the correct place! With this tool, you can expect to determine the density of any right cylindrical object. And if you're also wondering how to find the mass of a cylinder?, here we've got you covered, too, as this tool can also help you calculate the mass of a cylinder 😉

Density measures how much mass is contained in a given amount of volume. We can measure its value by conducting some experiments or calculate it by using a straightforward formula. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, keep reading to find out:

  • What density is;

  • The density of a cylinder equation; and

  • How to find the mass of a cylinder.

How do I find the density of a cylinder - The density of a cylinder equation

Modeling objects as well-known geometric figures is a very common practice. These models simplify calculations when creating or evaluating a design, as they allow us to use simple and already-known formulas to get reasonable estimations of their properties.

This means, for example, that we could think of a house as a cube, planets as spheres, or pipes, columns, shafts, bottles, and even rockets as cylinders. By representing these objects as cylinders or other known geometries, we can easily study them and their different characteristics, e.g., their density.

Density is one of many physical properties of matter, which measures how much mass an object has in a particular volume. The denser the object is, the more mass it has in its volume. The mass-to-volume ratio gives us the general formula to find the density of any object:

Density=MassVolume\small \text{Density} = \cfrac{\text{Mass}}{\text{Volume}}


ρ=mV\small \rho =\cfrac{m}{V}

💡 Take a look at the density calculator to keep exploring this topic!

We can part from this general expression to get a particular equation for the density of a cylinder. Let's see how to obtain it:

1. Begin by expressing the volume formula of a cylinder VcylV_\text{cyl} of radius rr and height hh:

Vcyl=πr2h\small V_\text{cyl} = \pi r^2h

2. By replacing this volume expression in the general density formula, we get the density of a cylinder equation:

ρ=mπr2h\small \rho =\cfrac{m}{\pi r^2h}

Then if we know the mass mm, radius rr (or diameter), and height hh, we can determine the cylinder's density. Yes, as simple as that! 😉

Would you like to know how to find the density of other geometries? Jump to the sphere density calculator or the cube density calculator for more of this dense fun!

However, if instead of the density, you'd like to know how to find the mass of a cylinder, we can do so by rearranging the above formula as follows:

m=πr2hρ\small m =\pi r^2h \rho

Note, though, that to calculate the mass of a cylinder, you'll need to know the density ρ\rho, radius rr, and height hh.

💡 Will the cylinder sink or float when placed in a liquid? 🤔 Look at the buoyancy calculator to figure it out!

Using the density of a cylinder calculator

Let's see how to find the density of a cylinder with this density of a cylinder calculator:

  1. If you already know the Weight/mass and Volume of the cylinder, enter these values, and the calculator will return the Density.

  2. The calculator can also determine the Volume for you. For this, click on the Advanced mode of the calculator. The Height (h) and Radius (r) fields will appear, enter the corresponding values, and the calculator will show the volume of the cylinder.

  3. Now that you have the volume, enter the Weight/mass to get the value of the Density.

💡 What if you want to calculate the mass of a cylinder 🤔 For this, you'll need to know the cylinder's density and volume. With these, the density of a cylinder calculator will calculate the mass of the cylinder!

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