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Our inductors-in-parallel calculator will help you calculate the equivalent inductance of parallel inductors in a circuit. Learn the equivalent inductance formula for parallel inductors with the article below, and never sweat at the sight of parallel inductors ever again!

Our Faraday's law calculator will help you understand the principle of electromagnetic inductance that inductors use.

Circuit with parallel inductors

An inductor is an electrical component that contains coils of wire. These coils create a magnetic field when current passes through them. Today, we use inductors in various electrical devices, including radios, TVs, and computers.

Inductors in parallel.
Inductors connected parallel to each other. Source:

When we connect inductors in parallel, the overall inductance of the circuit decreases. This is unlike a series connection of inductors, which would increase the overall inductance.

Equivalent inductance in parallel | Total inductance formula

The equivalent inductance formula for parallel inductors is given by:

1Leq=1LnorLeq=11Ln\begin{align*} \frac{1}{L_{\rm{eq}}} &= \sum\frac{1}{L_n}\\[1em] &\rm{or}\\ L_{\rm{eq}} &= \frac{1}{\sum\frac{1}{L_n}} \end{align*}


  • LeqL_{\rm{eq}} - Equivalent inductance in parallel; and
  • LnL_n - Inductance of each inductor connected in parallel.

For example, if two inductors with inductances L1=5 HL_1 = 5 \text{ H} and L2=15 HL_2 = 15 \text{ H} are connected parallelly, then their total inductance would be:

Leq=11Ln=11L1+1L2=115+115=1415Leq=154=3.75 H\begin{align*} L_{\rm{eq}} &= \frac{1}{\sum\frac{1}{L_n}} = \frac{1}{\frac{1}{L_1} + \frac{1}{L_2}}\\[1.5em] &=\frac{1}{\frac{1}{5} + \frac{1}{15}} = \frac{1}{\frac{4}{15}}\\[1.5em] L_{\rm{eq}}&= \frac{15}{4} = 3.75 \text{ H} \end{align*}

To find other equivalent quantities in electronics circuits, visit the parallel resistor calculator or parallel capacitor calculator.

How to use this inductors in parallel calculator

Our inductors-in-parallel calculator can help you find the equivalent inductance of parallel inductors:

  1. Select the option "calculate equivalent inductance" in the calculator.
  2. Enter the inductances of up to ten inductors. The rows will keep appearing as you use them up!
  3. The equivalent inductance will appear in Results section.

You can also use this calculator to find a missing parallel inductor.

  1. Start by choosing the option "calculate missing inductor".
  2. Enter the desired total inductance of the circuit.
  3. Provide up to ten values of known inductances.
  4. The inductors-in-parallel calculator will give you the missing inductance value in the Results section.

Are you also interested in the reactance of the inductors? Visit our inductive reactance calculator to learn more!

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