Gas Calculator

Created by Kenneth Alambra
Last updated: Jul 02, 2022
Gas calculator estimates your gas usage and costs of travelling by car.

This calc simply divides the distance to travel by the fuel efficiency to give the amount of fuel required for the journey. An appropriate fuel efficiency for the type of driving (e.g. city, country, mountain) will give a better result.

Kenneth Alambra
Trip type
Ford F150
Fuel consumption of 20 miles per (US-) Gallon.
If you can't find your car or the fuel consumption is different, select "Other vehicle" option instead.
Fuel used
US gal
Fuel price
US gal
Cost of the trip
Division of payment
Number of people
Cost per person
The specifications, age and condition of your engine can affect its fuel economy, so... your milleage may vary.
Select the "other vehicle" (in the second field) for the best results.
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