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This miles per gallon or MPG calculator, which is also a fuel efficiency calculator, will help you estimate the fuel economy of any vehicle to give you an idea of how efficient it is in terms of fuel consumption.

Knowing the MPG of your vehicle can also help you plan your trips so you won't end up spending too much on gas by running out of it and purchasing them at locations where they are expensive. That will also be helpful if you're still working out the monthly amortization of your car loan.

Keep reading if you're ready to will learn:

  • What MPG is;
  • How to calculate MPG; and
  • How to use this MPG calculator.

What is MPG

MPG or miles per gallon is a measure of a vehicle's gas mileage or fuel efficiency. Similar to the fuel consumption (which we express in gallons per mile or kilometers per liter), MPG can give us an idea of how far a vehicle can go given the amount of fuel it has in its tank.

Your vehicle's MPG can also vary depending on where you drive frequently. You may notice that you get better gas mileage over highways than when driving in the city. Your car's weight and the load it carries can also affect your gas mileage.

How to calculate MPG

To calculate MPG or the fuel economy, all you have to do is divide the distance your car traveled by the amount of fuel it used during that trip. Let's say you were able to travel a distance of 60 miles with 2 US gallons in your vehicle's tank. Here is how we calculate MPG:

Gas mileage=Distance traveledFuel used=60 miles2 US gallons=30 miles per US gallons=30 US mpg\scriptsize \begin{align*} \text{Gas mileage} &= \frac{\text{Distance traveled}}{\text{Fuel used}}\\\\ &= \frac{60\ \text{miles}}{2\ \text{US gallons}}\\\\ &= 30\ \text{miles per US gallons}\\ &= 30\ \text{US mpg} \end{align*}

How to use this MPG calculator

If you have to calculate lots of MPGs or want convenience, this is where our MPG or fuel-efficiency calculator comes in very handy. You can also change the fuel economy units seamlessly by selecting your preferred one on its drop-down menu. To use our MPG calculator:

  1. Enter the distance traveled by your vehicle.
  2. Input the amount of fuel used to reach that distance. At this point, our tool will already display your vehicle's fuel economy.
  3. If you want to estimate the cost of this trip, you can click on the Advanced mode button below our calculator to show the Fuel price and Cost variables on our calculator.
  4. Enter the fuel price to estimate your trip cost in terms of the fuel you used on this trip.
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