Molarity Calculator

Created by Gabriela Diaz
Last updated: Jun 29, 2022
The molar concentration or number of molecules per unit volume (choose as desired from the menu) is calculated from the mass concentration by use of the molecular weight and object density.
Gabriela Diaz
Molar mass
Mass of substance
Volume of solution
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Activation energy

The Arrhenius equation shows that a plot of 1/temperature against ln(reaction rate) is linear, with a gradient corresponding to the activation energy of a reaction. This activation energy calculator uses two points to determine activation energy (Ea).

Arrhenius equation

Two interconverting species A and B have an equilibrium ratio that depends on their difference in energy and the temperature, according to the equation ΔG=RT*ln(k), where k is the equilibrium constant. This can be derived from the Arrhenius equation calculator (temp-rate dependence) for the forward and backward reactions.
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